The Ordering Process:


Once you have placed an order with us, we verify with the cemetery that the marker you have ordered meets the rules and regulations of that cemetery.  We also verify that the names are placed on the marker correctly, when purchasing a double marker. 

Once everything is verified with the cemetery a scale drawing is made for the purchaser's final approval.  This allows the purchaser a chance to see what the marker will Look like before the marker is actually made.  If you do not like what you see on the scale drawing we can make a new drawing, 

The complete process for an in stock marker takes approximately 6-8 weeks; special orders can take up to 12 weeks and some custom orders a little longer. 

All cemeteries require that a cement foundation be poured for the marker to be set on.  Most cemeteries in Ashtabula County only pour foundations twice a year: in the Spring before Memorial Day and in the Fall before bad weather starts.  There are some smaller cemeteries that only pour once a year.  We cannot deliver the marker to the cemetery until this foundation has been poured and set for the appropriate time for curing.